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“South Kona Vibes” (14 instrumentals)

“South Kona Vibes” (14 instrumentals)

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The above samples are from my 14 song instrumental album “South Kona Vibes” featuring John Keawe, Chris Yeaton, Stephen Cline, and Bolo all on acoustic guitars. It’s about 30% Hawaiian Slack Key along with original Classical, Renaissance, Spiritual, and improvisational styles upon Cello, Guitar, and Harp. Playing time is about one hour. Enjoy!

“Psalm 119″ (Aleph-Tau)

“Psalm 119″ (Aleph-Tau)

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The whole of Psalm 119 being sung with King David’s Lyre, cello, and classical guitar (KJV text set to original music).  Peaceful, meditative, joyful, sorrowful, and more of the great spectrum of human experience all in the 22 songs of Psalm 119.


Time For Song

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Guitarist, songwriter, and singer Stephen Cline spins his refreshing, imaginative, spontaneous and totally original music with Andy Rising’s work.   The two of them make up “Tiger Rising”.  1/2 vocals, 1/2 instrumentals featured in 12 songs.  Plays about 47 minutes (click below for YouTube samples)



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All the music for the Psalm 119 album I wrote around 2004. It features the entire 119th Psalm (KJV text word for word with Hebrew Name of the Almighty) sung with 10 string King David’s Lyre (Harp of David), cello, and classical guitar. This is a powerful tool to hide the Word of Elohim (God) in your heart! I heard one woman tell or her children calming down and behaving better over the course of the year they played this album. Great album for relaxation, reflection, meditation, and devotion. Coming soon is an e-book devotional for the 119th Psalm that is a great companion with the CD featured amazing Messianic prophecies within this particular Psalm.

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Waves crashing on newly formed landscapes are seen in Hawaii’s big island hearkening us back to the origin of the first six days of Creation.


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